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Rings of Saturn V


The rings of Saturn, re-imagined in the same proportions as the different stages of the Saturn V – the rocket that took man to the Moon.

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Saturn is the second-largest planet in our Solar System, and its beauty has been inspiring sky-gazing artists for generations.

The Saturn V rocket is the tallest, heaviest, and most powerful operational rocket ever developed. It had 13 successful launches and never suffered any loss of crew or payload – an astounding feat. Its success is what allowed humans to break the bonds of Earth’s gravity and visit our nearest celestial body; the Moon. It was given its name for three reasons, according to SP-4402 Origins of NASA Names:

“the planet Saturn appeared brighter than a first-magnitude star, so the association of this name with such a powerful new booster seemed appropriate; Saturn was the next planet after Jupiter, so the progression was analogous to ABMA’s progression from missile and space systems called “Jupiter”; and Saturn was the name of an ancient Roman god, so the name was in keeping with the U.S. military’s custom of naming missiles after mythological gods and heroes.”

It felt only right to combine the beauty of Saturn with the majesty of the Saturn V, and so the idea behind Rings of Saturn V was born. Here, the rings of Saturn are re-imagined in the same proportions as the different stages of the Saturn V.

Rings of Saturn V – Giclée print, individually signed by the artist.

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Giclée print on 285gsm 100% cotton rag paper, which features a very soft textured surface and a matt finish. This paper is approved by the Fine Art Trade Guild for Giclée prints.